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A leader in  puppy and dog training, canine performance, sports and competition.

Our proceeds fund the care and rescue of canines in Northeast Ohio. Swarm is a 501(c3) charity

Highest titled instructors most experienced trainers in multiple sports venues

Train with the BEST!

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A 501C3 Charitable organization for Catastrophic K9 Care

Who We Are:

Founded in 1988, a group of lifetime dog enthusiasts joined forces to bring together training, promotion of canine sports and benefits of dog ownership. From training, to shows, to ESPN Great Outdoor Games, Swarm is a leader in promoting canine performance and sports.

Giving Back:

Train and certify 3 types of service dogs & certain types of medical alert dogs. 

Run Cat K9 Services. Support community events and programs such as: Rescue Village, Horse and Hound, Blue Coats Safety Forces, Bark for Life, 4H, Pet Safety, Fire Rescue Programs, local shelters & rescues.

Your donations help sustain pet rescues & shelters in our area. Last year Medina Swarm arranged for 82,000 pounds of food that we distributed to local shelters and rescues. We collect linens, towels & crates to refurbish & distribute. We provide grant writing services to northeast Ohio shelters & rescues. Thank you for your support!


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Medina Swarm Agility is a 501(c)(3) charity

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